My new niece

My new niece
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My new niece.

I am at the hospital at the moment, but don't worry, I am fine. I am here because my sister is pregnant. She is here to give birth to her daughter who is also my niece. I am very happy. My sister is happy to of course. My whole family is happy that I think I am happiest because I cannot stop smiling.

Suddenly I hear them say my name. My family say to me that my niece is here. I go to my sister's room. We have named her Lucy. My sister tells me Hi Lucy. I say wow. You are the most beautiful baby in the world. I have lots of plans for the things I want to do with you guys thing I say to her. We can take lots of walks in the countryside.

I can teach you to run very fast and buy you ice cream as much as possible. I tell her that sounds great. My sister tells me but do not teach how to ride a bike. That is my job. She says with a smile. Of course not. I reply. You can have that job and I can do everything else.