Awake all night

Awake all night
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Awake all night.

When I cannot sleep well, I sit outside my house and I watched the night time passed by tonight. I cannot sleep. So like always, I am outside my house. I sit on my porch and drink a warm cup of milk. I am drinking my milk, watching the stars in the sky. When suddenly I hear a noise.

Who is there? I shout there is no reply. I hear the noise again. There is something in the bushes next to me. Hello, who is there? I repeat. I am now a little nervous. Normally at this time of night, there is no noise. It is always just me under the moon. But tonight things are different.

For the third time I hear the noise and to me, I jump up and get ready to run. For the final time, who is there? I shout as loudly as possible. Certainly, suddenly, my little brother jumps out of the bush as he laughs a lot. I scared you. He shouts my little brother thinks he is funny. I laugh a little because I do not want to tell him how scared I am. Little brothers are always a problem.

porch: ایوان

bush: بوته، شاخ و برگ